Help Change My City with Designer Apidi

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“I like to have diversity, even in my wardrobe.”

Meet Apidi, an inspiring member of the LBD gala team who brings her creativity to the event through her positions as a featured designer and the Back of House Coordinator.

Why do you feel that it is important to give back to our local community?

We are all community members together, if one person fails then I believe it is a reflection of the society as a whole. If someone has the ability to give back then they should, it should just be a part of who people are.

What do you like about the LBD gala?

I love how it is charity based, there is a very important cause behind it which makes it really motivating to be a part of especially as being part of the production team. The design aspect  brings a lot of additional diversity with the different designers and models. I think this is really important to have in a city where there is a very stereotypical view of models with in Vancouver. Which can be the case in some scenarios but it is very different here. At the Little Black Dress Gala there is a lot of diversity in the ethnicities, body shapes and sizes showing all of the different types of beauty, which I think is very important.

Why do you think Vancouver as a city is unique?

I think Vancouver is definitely a unique city because we really don’t have much of a fashion scene here. We are all kind of entrepreneurs and pioneers trying to bring up the scene from the underground. It’s kind of like endless possibilities and we can take this wherever we dream.

Who is an important woman in your life?

I would have to say, all of the women in my life.  I also have a lot of equally important male role models in my life as well. Most of my role models in my life are actually make so I tend to related to them more. My dad was a very important role model in my life. He is a businessman who has a big business drive which makes him the most predominant role model in my life. However, there is also my mother who has a very nurturing side and she’s kind of a hippy. Having them both in my life helps me to have a serious side and also an easy going hippy side which I really appreciate.

What is your role for LBD Gala?

I am a “double whammy” in the event similar to some of the other girls. I wanted to  make a production binder with the help of everyone’s input and discussion to document the processes to see where there were mistakes or what worked so we can always strive to be better in upcoming years. For the actual show, I am showing my second collection and have taken on the role of the Back of House Coordinator. This is an area that I felt there was help needed. I will basically do whatever is needed to make sure everything is smooth with designers, models, hair/makeup and volunteers. Basically the mom backstage!

What is the concept/theme/inspiration behind your collection:

Nature is the theme behind my current collection. I don’t spend too much time thinking of a theme for a collection. The first time I made a collection I was worried about all the colors and looks matching each other. This time, I tossed all of that out the window and made looks that I would put my own closet. When you see the collection none of the pieces look the same, they are all kind of different but that’s how I like it. I like to have diversity, even in my wardrobe.

Article By: Sarah Hooker