Help Change My City with Shyanj Couture

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Shyanj Couture


Shyan Owtram is a returning designer to the Little Black Dress Gala and owner of Shyanj Couture. Her collection this season features inspiration from bold colours and florals and the collection as a whole represents something fresh, fun, and creative. Owtram’s men’s and womenswear compliment one another and it’s more colourful than what she has typically done in the past.

Owtram returns this season for LBD Spring 2017 because she finds it a rewarding experience and finds it a great way to connect with others while being involved in a cause that she is passionate about. “I really enjoyed everything about the LBD Gala, especially being able to hear people’s stories, meeting amazing individuals, and inspiring the youth,” says Owtram. “I really like that this gala not only looks out towards helping others but it gives others like designers and performers a platform to showcase talent.”

Owtram thinks it’s important for youth to be involved with arts and culture because of our technologically saturated and isolated society. “We live in our technology and are isolated from everything always wanting to post things on social media that we don’t always enjoy being in the moment. By having youth participate in arts and culture it allows them to be in the moment, interact, and be creative,” states Owtram.

Owtram has always been the type of person who loves helping others. She feels that it’s very important to give back to the community because not everyone understands how much the simple things can be appreciated and how those things could potentially change someone’s life. Owtram says, “Not everyone is privileged. Lot’s of people struggle in silence so giving back helps those people who are silently crying for help.”

Owtram will be showcasing her newest collection for the Little Black Dress Gala Spring 2017. Be sure to grab your tickets and come check out one of amazing designers for a night of fashion, art, luxury, and philanthropy.


Interview & Article by: Nicolaus Waddell

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