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Faiz of Encima



Why did you choose to get involved with the Little Black Dress Gala?

I’ve been a supporter of the Gala for a couple of years now and really loved the entire concept and purpose. When I was approached to participate in the upcoming show, it was really a no brainer.


What is the theme behind the collection to be shown at the Little Black Dress Gala Spring 2017?

This collection, titled Maddox, is named after my son. He was truly the inspiration that kept me going through some difficult times over the past several months.

The theme behind this collection is simply evolution. I wanted to build off of the silhouettes I had created in previous collections to really ensure these pieces were perfect. Through introducing new fabrics, making slight alterations in fit, and adding in even more attention to detail, I believe I have accomplished just that.


What do you like most about the Little Black Dress Gala?

Its versatility. It’s not just a one dimensional Gala. It incorporates several important aspects (art, fashion, music, charity), which I believe are prevalent to Vancouver.


Why do you think it’s important for youths to be involved with art and culture?

The youth are our future and I believe art and culture are an important aspect in personal growth. The beautiful thing about art and culture is that it is so diverse. Specifically with art. This diversity leads to creativity, which I believe is an important trait to have as we move forward in society.


Why is it important to you to give back to the community?

At the end of the day, this is our home and we need to work hard at not only sustaining it, but improving it day after day. A few ways we can do that is through local initiatives such as the LBD Gala as well as supporting local businesses. This is the main reason why I choose to manufacture all of Encima’s garments locally here in Vancouver.


Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to designing?

It’s not so much who, but more so what. And for me, it comes down to individuality. We are all different in some form and I like to express that in the pieces that I design. That’s why I value the details and put a lot of care into the design process. It’s the details that set us apart as people, and it’s the details that set Encima apart from other brands.


How/when did you get involved with fashion design?

I actually have no fashion design background but rather a business/accounting background. With that being said, I’ve always been interested in fashion from as young as I can remember. What started off as a passion project a couple years ago quickly turned into what you see today, with Maddox being my third collection.


Interview & Article by: Nicolaus Waddell

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