Help Change My City with Justin Stone

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Justin Stone


What is your favourite part of the Little Black Dress Gala?

Honestly, just getting to a part of such a large, wonderful event that helps so many people is the best part for me.


In what ways do you think Vancouver is a unique city?

There isn’t enough space on the internet for me to fully answer this question but I’ll try. Vancouver represents some of the best qualities of Canada while reaching out into the global community unlike any other Canadian city. The area I live in is incredibly diverse while remaining very inclusive, a tall order in a large city and let’s be honest, “unique,” is a great word to describe our weather.


Name an important woman in your life?

That is difficult because there are so many.  I don’t care if it’s cliche to say my mother.  She is the strongest woman I’ve ever known.  


Who was your role model growing up?

Batman and my father. I always tried to be like them. Batman represented the best a man could be and my father tried to teach me how to be a good man. I still look up to my father and wish more (some/any) billionaires would take after Batman. Not the vigilante part but the justice part… and the car.


Why do you think it’s important for youth’s to be involved with art and culture?

It is the only way for them to truly know themselves. To explore what outlets speak to them and through them. It is also the best way to connect with like minded people. I think culture gets left behind a lot these days because the world moves so fast. Connecting with your community, the culture of your city; heritage, country, music, theater, anything that speaks to you can change the course of a young person’s life.


When you were in high school what was your dream job and how does that relate to your career now?

I wanted to be a paleontologist before I was cast in my first theatre production. Then the only thing I could think about was being on stage. That led me to one of the best theatre schools in Canada and to the film industry in Vancouver. I also run my own theatre here in Vancouver.


What motivates you to keep working towards your goals?

That’s another tough one. Here in Vancouver motivation can be hard to find because of the weather. For me it is and has always been talent and passion. Seeing someone perform with everything they have, on stage, singing, on film, drives me to want to create. I fall in love with talent almost everyday.


Interview & Article by: Nicolaus Waddell & Sarah Hooker