Help Change My City with Skye Lintott

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Skye Lintott


Meet Skye Lintott the president of My Skye Berry Pie and our female MC for the Little Black Dress Gala!

Lintott was determined to become involved with the Little Black Dress Gala after meeting with Alpha and Christine. “I wanted to be involved with our leaders of tomorrow which is our youth,” Lintott explains. She wants to make a difference in the lives of the youth and the inspirational women within Vancouver. Lintott is no stranger to the Little Black Dress Gala as she has been involved since the third Little Black Dress Gala. Lintott will be back on the main stage for our fifth installation of the event as the female MC for the evening. During the LBD Gala #4, Lintott was also a speaker at the Youth Engagement Gala. “[The Youth Engagement Gala] was such a privilege [to be a part of].  Looking out to the crowd and seeing so many people of all ages, all walks of life, all nationalities enjoying this magical event. It felt like we were all part of something bigger and taking a positive step together,” says Lintott. When thinking about the youth in Vancouver including her own son, Lintott’s piece of wisdom to pass on would be to “stay away from drugs, treat others as you want to be treated, read the Bible”.

Lintott was raised by a strong hard working single mother and her grandmother. Her grandmother brought a family business to Canada from Germany and was an olympic gold medalist. The strength and humbleness from these two women in their work, while raising families, deeply inspired Lintott throughout her life. Lintott had a strong support system as a girl while she pursued being a ballerina, model and fashion industry professional. “I’m an artist at heart and I love to create and recreate,” states Lintott when talking about her passions. As an influential and successful woman in Vancouver, Lintott still reflects on the discipline she learned as a young girl in ballet and also sees inspiration and motivation in her son to continue being a role model for him and other youth in Vancouver to be able to look up to.

Article by: Sarah Mae Hooker & Nicolaus Waddell