Eats On The Streets with Students
Eats On The Streets with Students

Our Youth Personal Development Program is fundamental to the growth and transformation of the lives we encounter at Help Change My City (HCMC) Alliance. The majority of young people who end up leading compromising lifestyles have gotten there by circumstance, not by intention. When we take the proper time to pay attention to the root causes behind harmful behaviour, two contrasting elements are always found; an excess negative influences and fear based mindset paired with an absence of love, safety, understanding of self and positive mentorship.

One of the most overlooked areas of challenge when dealing with at risk youth is the truth about how they view themselves. Tough exteriors, bad language, lying, and resistances often guard what is below the surface; instability, a lack of love and belonging, fear, loneliness, the feeling of being misunderstood, feeling unsafe, insecurity, victimized mindset, negative stereotypes, stigma, judgement, low self-esteem and a lack of purpose are all major components.

Help Change My City Alliance takes an integrative approach to self development. We understand that the environment in which young people build trust and are taught in is as vitally important as the content of the lessons. The program involves a heavy focus on self reflection and revelation, individual purpose, personal value systems, areas of interest, dream and vision building, self talk and daily disciplines. In our experience, these above mentioned areas of focus are foundational to the change that each young person we encounter desires to experience in their lives.
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