Trust is the most absent attribute in the lives of youth who are considered at risk. They are not often trusted by others and, in turn, do not offer their trust easily. Trust is defined as ‘a belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something’. In turn, to build trust with our youth, we as staff and mentors need to possess and exemplify these attributes at all times, thus creating a safe environment for them to practice giving and receiving trust from both us and their peers.

The development of a community is not based on what help each individual requires but rather what consistency is positively built amongst the people. As trust is paramount to the success of our program, it is important that boundaries are defined and rules set to provide a trusting environment; theft, bullying, substance abuse, property damage and other such actions are not acceptable within our developing community, however, understanding and forgiveness is key, as we take proper precautions to ensure everyone is safe when youth re-enter the community for another shot at returning to grow and develop with us.

As extended family, mentors and friends of each life we build with, we are cognizant of the fact that each story is distinct and requires a unique approach. HCMC is dedicated to celebrating the history, character, dreams and needs of each young person. Our team is committed to uniquely building with each individual to effect and maintain sustainable change in the lives of the young people who walk through our doors.
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