The HCMC Skills Program was developed to help young people who have left school early, young carers (teen parents) and marginalized youth to help them build good character and job preparation. HCMC Alliance Skills Program is made up of two parts: character building and career qualification/preparation. Our goal is to see young people become passionate leaders who are prepared for employment, career or entrepreneurism becoming contributing members of their families, communities and society.

Young people who have left school early, those who have faced the justice system and marginalized youth usually struggle with finding a job. In many cases, lack of understanding around their capabilities, giftings and skillsets leave young people vulnerable to life’s distractions. HCMC Alliance works toward giving youth a stepping stone upon which they can begin their destiny of success.

In the Skills Program, the youth can start at any given time and the HCMC team works hard right from the beginning to engage the young people. Starting with part-time electives, they have the opportunity to understand who they are, what their individual potential is so later they can specialize in their discovered area of interest. The team then works to help the youth decide what they want to do through support, career advice and mentoring. The young people gain advanced skills along with practical application and they are encouraged to share their creative input and innovative ideas with the team so we may be able to provide opportunities for them to move forward in their chosen field of interest.
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