Career Preparation
Career Preparation

This program gives an opportunity for work experience for young people, so they are ready to go into the workplace with necessary starting skills. After completing this program, many of the young people will have the skills and character required to set them on their way to working in their area of interest.

The goal is always to connect young people with opportunities to further their education or trade and to find job placements in companies that will partner with us in helping change the lives who represent the future leaders of tomorrow. As young people learn more in depth and develop advanced skills in the things they enjoy and receive consistent love, support, mentorship and guidance from the HCMC family, confidence and self esteem will inevitably improve.

As many of these young people have not had the best of times in school or life, our team diligently ventures to find a way to meet them where they are, engage, and walk with them as they gain their own positive voice providing mentorship as they work to gain recognized qualifications and advance their CV preparation and interview techniques. These are all aspects of the holistic support extended to each individual the HCMC team has the pleasure of walking with.

As we nurture the youth, we have to help them become successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens. We do this by being able to encourage positive behavior in them always in all ways possible so they learn and keep these characteristics in their lives.
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