All HCMC events and campaigns are focused on making a difference in community, philanthropic education and positive social impact. This platform is inclusive of all who want to give back by partnering with community businesses and organizations and is in alignment with our vision. All profits from our fundraising events and campaigns are invested back into further development of our programs to reach more young people.

Our Community Action opportunities take the youth, young professionals and volunteers to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to help feed vulnerable people. We live in the most expensive cities in North America and although lifestyle choices, mental illness and addiction play a role in Vancouver’s homeless population, it is very tough to live on the streets, and have little to no skills to apply for a job or to bounce back from challenging circumstances. This harsh reality means a sandwich, snack or a warm, nutritious meal can make a big difference.

This deed not only feeds the people, it allows those who come with us to serve people in the community through the gift of giving back, with not only a meal but also the gift of conversation and a smile. We come together with different organizations and partner with businesses and corporations in our community that are passionate about social causes and also given to helping people on the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Different seasons bring different needs on the Eastside, so we look to see how we can impact those needs. As the seasons change and as people that are part of Help Change My City Alliance make us aware of the social needs, we look for solutions of how to positively impact this vulnerable community, as a group. Come rain or shine, the food is then taken to different locations and is served to our “guests” by enthusiastic, smiling volunteers and young people.
HCMC Alliance believes that educating young people about social needs brings awareness and positive impact in the community. We believe that dynamically engaging young people to understanding social needs and social change is necessary in the prevention of tomorrows issues. We encourage internal discussion as well as project creation and implementation. After assessment of the work is done our goal is to help solve any issues that arise and continue needed serving and giving efforts going forward.

The working together of our volunteers and experienced partners gives wisdom and experience for young people. Within this setting there is also great opportunity for reflection and connection for all parties involved. The young people don’t feel segregated from real life issues and they come to know they are able to positively impact their community.

HCMC Alliance believes in the potential of young people. The potential lives within each and every one. A good number of young people have a strong desire to play a role in community and improve the lives of those who are in need around them. Many young people with this desire find themselves volunteering in different capacities in community. While many are content to volunteer without some kind of accreditation many see it as great value added to their lives. The volunteers are encouraged to include their experiences on their CV; strengthening and improving their job prospects is a real motivation.
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