Help Change My City Alliance welcomes a variety of collaborations and partnerships from individuals, businesses and corporations that are looking to support the youth programs we host and implement in schools and community. The programs and sessions require us to bring in staff, qualified specialists and to pay for services that cannot always be provided by the charity alone. The resources from community are our core support.

We are extremely grateful for the contributions and support we have received from our socially responsible friends, individuals and the business and corporation community. They have allowed us through donations, sponsoring and fundraising to continue our groundbreaking school leadership education programs, personal development and equipping of our youth and young people for employment.


Because of your donations, we have been able to continue giving post secondary education bursaries to resilient youth who are in high schools fighting to graduate while also fighting to overcome life obstacles. We give away bursaries twice a year at our fundraisers that we hold at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The surprize on the young peoples faces when they are called to receive their bursaries is a gift. Many of them have never been celebrated, and never dream of being encouraged or applauded for their efforts. Thank you.

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We also want to thank the corporations that are signing up to help us by sponsoring 100 hours of youth work employment experience and for the staff in the workplace. Sponsor 100 hours for work experience for youth at minimum wage.
To sponsor 100 hours of work experience for youth:
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Donations help us cover the core operating costs of the non-profit organization.
In kind pro-bono administrative service support through volunteering
If you can help in any of these or want to hear more about how to help:
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