Personal Development


We understand that the environment in which young people build trust and are taught in is as vitally important as the content of the lessons. The program involves a heavy focus on self reflection and revelation, individual purpose, personal value systems, areas of interest, dream and vision building, self talk and daily disciplines.

Community Development


As extended family, mentors and friends of each life we build with, we are cognizant of the fact that each story is distinct and requires a unique approach. HCMC is dedicated to celebrating the history, character, dreams and needs of each young person.


Holistic Nutrition


Using seasonal, locally sourced foods, we are developing a method of mind, body and digestion connection to grow understanding around energy levels, emotional balance and their overall health.

Outdoor Programs


Our outdoors program utilizes many of British Columbia’s scenic locations to create opportunities for young people to get out of the city and experience the open air. Our aim is to use Vancouver’s surrounding natural beauty to provide young people with guided activities to get outside and experience new environments.


Skills Program


The HCMC Skills Program was developed to help young people who have left school early, young carers (teen parents) and marginalized youth to help them build good character and job preparation. HCMC Alliance Skills Program is made up of two parts: character building and career qualification/preparation.

Career Preparation


This program gives an opportunity for work experience for young people, so they are ready to go into the workplace with necessary starting skills. After completing this program, many of the young people will have the skills and character required to set them on their way to working in their area of interest.


Community Action


Our Community Action opportunities take the youth, young professionals and volunteers to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to help feed vulnerable people. This deed not only feeds the people, it allows those who come with us to serve people in the community through the gift of giving back, with not only a meal but also the gift of conversation and a smile.

Youth Awards & Recognition


We look to inspire more personal achievements, responsible choices, leadership qualities and the planning of change activities that inspire positive growth in the personal lives of youth, resulting in their engagement in community.