Personal Development

The majority of young people who end up leading compromising lifestyles have gotten there by circumstance, not by intention. This program focuses on self reflection and revelation, helping youth discover their purpose and areas of interest. It teaches them that they are valuable and capable, which is fundamental to their individual growth and transformation.

Skills Program

The HCMC Skills Program is designed for young people who have left school early, teen parents, and marginalized youth struggling to find a job. We help them discover their individual potential and interests, and we work with them to develop their character and work ethic.

Community Action

Our Community Action opportunities take the youth, young professionals, and volunteers to the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver to help feed meals to vulnerable people. This immersive program educates young people about the social needs of others, while demonstrating the value of giving back.

Career Preparation

This program provides the opportunity for work experience, preparing our youth to enter the workplace with the necessary skills. After completing this program, many of our young people will have the skills and character required for successfully pursuing their interests.

Outdoor Programs

With this program youth join in the adventure of exploring many of British Columbia’s scenic locations. Guided activities in Vancouver’s beautiful natural surroundings are proving to be noticeably beneficial to the mental and physical health of our young people.

Health Education

This program explores health education, detailing how our young people can begin to choose affordable and nutritious food on a budget. We teach the importance of eating seasonal locally sourced food that benefits energy levels, emotional balance, and overall health.

Community Development

HCMC is dedicated to celebrating the history, character, dreams, and needs of each young person. We work hard to develop a trusting environment that uniquely meets the needs of each individual.

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What if you brought your compassion, guidance, and mentorship to our team? Together we can make a lasting difference in the lives of our youth.

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