Who We Are

Help Change My City (HCMC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the youth of Metro Vancouver. We operate school programs, offer mentorship opportunities, and run community events that empower youth to engage with their city.

School Programs

We visit schools throughout Metro Vancouver with speakers who are industry professionals. Their inspiring talks encourage youth to see their true potential.


Our mentorship program provides a safe space for youth to build trust and positive relationships with adult role models.

Community Action

We lead a variety of events within the community, empowering youth to make a difference in the lives of those around them.


The pandemic has irreversibly affected the lives of so many Canadians and we want to provide an opportunity for businesses to get on the ground floor of this program. We deliver food to struggling families all across the lower mainland and with the help of our businesses in the community we can help rebuild our neighborhood one food box at a time.

Our Protein Packs for Families program is a project of Help Change My City to recognize and support families that have experienced a sudden change in occupation during the pandemic. Food security can quickly become a major concern to any of us when we are faced with a sudden change in our economic circumstances. Food is often the first expense to be adjusted, lack of food then leads to stress, this can cause short term and long term effects on both children and parents.

To help the families through these challenging times, Help Change My City has committed to ensuring the families receive a Protein Pack or a food gift card every month until they can fully support themselves again. With the help of our youth and community partners we then deliver these cards or packs to these families every month. This allows for parents to keep their dignity and focus on providing for the needs of their family.

So far, Help Change My City has been able to help 250 struggling families over Great Vancouver throughout this pandemic by delivering these frozen Protein Packs. We aim to continue expanding the program and helping more families in need and to do this we need your help from within the community!

Help Change My City (Urban Systems Foundation) from Chotime Productions on Vimeo.

HCMC Youth Sports Program

HCMC Sport helps marginalized youth successfully transition into adulthood by providing a place of mentorship, belonging and competition in organized sport. Through the Roundball program, HCMC Sport teaches young people to apply the skills and disciplines learned from basketball to their own personal development and future career aspirations. HCMC Sport provides opportunities for youth to build leadership skills in resilience, problem solving, commitment, teamwork and punctuality. We meet Monday to Friday at schools and community centres across the lower mainland, providing a safe and empowering environment of play for all our participants. HCMC Sport also provides yearly bursaries (The Roundball Youth Resilience Award) for male and female student athletes who have showcased resilience in their academics and athletics while facing adversity. Our program is committed to the long-term value of its participants working with youth from their adolescence into their adulthood. We have impacted 1920 young people this past year with our goal being to impact 5000 youth yearly.


HCMC is changing our city one life at a time. Marginalized youth are developing their skills, building their self-esteem, and becoming leaders within our community.

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